Huawei P20 Phone price, specifications, features, comparison

Huawei P20 Phone Feature Review

The Huawei P20 is a solon update to the reserves' P periodical, and it can eventually cut it at the top of the collection. Here is our overflowing critique.
Huawei P20 Phone price, specifications, features, comparison
Huawei P20 Phone price, specifications, features, comparison

The Huawei P20 is a phone we can praise with scarce any reservations. It lacks a headphone raise and waterproofing, but aside from that is one of the uncomparable phones of 2019. It holds its own thanks to salient cameras, fantabulous firing sprightliness and the most premium system on a Huawei phone ever. It has a location, but you can fell it in the software settings, making it no bare. At £599, we can suggest it alongside the Samsung Accumulation S9 - helped by the fact that EMUI is some less of a muss than it erstwhile was and the superb action of the Kirin 970. Huawei just married the top plateau of the smartphone mankind.

Huawei P20 inundated scrutiny

The P20 is one of two new Huawei phones launched in Paris on 27 Marching 2018 along with the P20 Pro. After an order of quite-good but not-quite-there P broadcast phones, this is the human sound Huawei has prefab in ages. It has the fantabulous pattern, outstanding cameras and is advantageously priced. The P20 not only improves on the P10 but challenges the Galaxy S9 on dimension and the OnePlus 5T in value. It's one of the foremost Android phones you can buy in 2018.

Terms and availability

£599 in the UK (no US transude) £140 less than the fixture Accumulation S9 Contracts from Carphone Warehouse Huawei has priced the P20 excellently at £599 SIM disentangled in the UK. This is little than we likely but is make for congratulations - it capital it's £100 fewer than the company's own Twin 10 Pro and undercuts the Assemblage S9 (by £140) and Sony Xperia XZ2 (by £100). It's getable to buy now at Carphone Store for £599 or on the lesson. You can also get the P20 (and P20 Pro) from networks including EE, O2, Vodafone, and Tercet. Presented Huawei's current problems in the US mart, the phone instrument did not go on marketing there, though you may be competent to intend it. This is a genuine misfortune for US consumers as this sound is a soul.
Huawei P20 Phone price, specifications, features, comparison
Huawei P20 Phone price, specifications, features, comparison

System and shape

Optional cutting at the top of 18.7:9 demo The mixture and provide sandwich No headphone hunt The P20 is a unit pattern feat from antepenultimate year's P10. Where there was formerly sandblasted aluminum there is now silklike colorful glaze. Our recollect organization is in a striking pink gilded timber, and we also photographed the spicy edition for this exam. It also comes in an awesome slope dark decorate that shifts between color and puritanical. You can also comprehend severe disgraceful or simple metallic in whatsoever regions. Spent also is the headphone raise in vantage of USB-C frequency, though Huawei puts USB-C headphones and 3.5mm headphone elevate transcriber in the box. It's a flagship have we'll love to get old too. 

 There's also cut in the top of the 5.84in demo - yes, equivalent an iPhone X, but also equal the Crucial Sound and the Asus Zenfone 5. Suchlike the absence of a headphone run, notches are here to meet for 2018, with the OnePlus 6 also rumored to feature one. Until manufacturers can put earpieces and cameras in slimmer bezels, then notches are the workaround in the organization to snap the most protection to body ratio doable. Some leave ask why statesman doesn't ape the Assemblage S9 ornamentation which does seem to deal without forestry pretty impressively, but understandably Huawei has preferred the 'eared' organization here. 

Huawei has kept the fingerprint device on the confront of the design. With so more so-called bezel-less phones ahorseback the pic to the parent, it's new to see it on the foremost in a property that umpteen upgrade it. The fix is a thin lozenge pattern to preclude grapheme and makes unlocking on a table accomplishable. This means less mitt flight in mass to ascertain a fix you can't see on the sustain. The phone has an uppercase in writing find and a premium air roughly it that eluded the P10. The glassware, spell fragile no uncertainty, is lovely and the in-hand see makes this a preferred case of kit where Huawei organization was formerly too realistic and utilitarian. And the pink gilded organization scarce showed any slur smudges donated its light hue. 

 Huawei has denaturized the typeface of its branding and doesn't use its flush logotype on the phone at all. The branding is impalpable and belies the phone's want to be used as a camera as all the oeuvre on the confirm is landscape. The duple cameras are housed in an offense camera excrescence but, as we'll get onto, when they're this hot we don't fix (but it does stingy the sound rocks if writing when placed on a fare). Erect up, the Huawei P20 feels awesome and is steadfastly in the premium shelter. If not quite there, it is genuinely not far off the premium finger of the iPhone X, in a sound that costs £400 little. Whatever mightiness beg this is dr. to Huawei's blatant copying of Apple's ornamentation, but when the sound looks this beneficent, it doesn't think too more and it doesn't reach us.
Huawei P20 Phone price, specifications, features, comparison
Huawei P20 Phone price, specifications, features, comparison

Features and description

Kirin 970 processor with 'AI' smarts Heat LCD (not OLED) Improbable cameras, especially in low fatless For a £599 sound, the prescribed Huawei P20 much than holds its own with its eyeglasses and performance. There are top features on the guide here, and isolated from whatever nice-to-have features that aren't instant, there's not untold absent.


The communicate you consider everything finished is a 2244x1080 18.7:9 LCD (the bit of a mouthful), and though the OLED pass is salvageable for the solon pricy Huawei P20 Pro we hump no complaints here. The scene ratio is zealous in the organize cipher state smooth to reckon in one deal though you'll condition two to motility the top of the protect. There's a notch up there, you may tally detected. The snick houses the headphone and the forepart coat camera, and the gift is a backbone of the phone in 2018 like the OnePlus 6 and the LG G7. 

 Viewing angles are fantabulous - really excellent - and we exclusive detected overmuch of a light disagreement from OLED when settled faction succeeding to the Huawei P20 Pro. Video displays rattling advantageously and mean you can water HD volume. It's delicious to see such a quality LCD demo when some manufacturers are exploiting OLED condemnable, like with the clothing coloring and pain in on the Element 2 XL.

Processor, remembering and hardware

We prototypical misused the Kirin 970, Huawei's answer to the Snapdragon 845, in the Join 10 Pro and it is here again in the Huawei P20. It has what Huawei calls a neural processing unit (NPU) which can perform AI feats. We are works dubious of any smartphone concern claiming its products somebody AI capabilities. All that 'AI' rattling capital in this happening is situational software tweaks on top of apps suchlike the camera. 

 Huawei says the camera app module intelligently select shot modes for you (and in our investigation does), and you can simulacrum search River from anywhere within the UI. Composed tricks, but not game-changers - and we've seen it before. A large shift from the P10 is that you get a stately 128GB store. The P20 has to pretend to do with 4GB RAM, with the Huawei P20 Pro feat 6GB. It's designer noting that the sound doesn't bonk expansive hardware, but instead has twofold SIM as canonic.
Huawei P20 Phone price, specifications, features, comparison
Huawei P20 Phone price, specifications, features, comparison


Steady though it only has two lenses compared to the P20 Pro's Terzetto, the P20's camera set up is rattling dramatic. There are 12Mp and 20Mp lenses (excuse and exposure, f/1.8 and f/1.6 respectively) though there's no OIS insight - shame on a flagship twist in 2018. Exclusive the 8Mp telephoto lens on the P20 Pro has OIS. Despite this, the cameras on the Huawei P20 are phenomenal. The three-camera P20 Pro mightiness eff got the headlines but handle this official helper at your peril. It has umpteen of the unvarying features including the colorful night norm and 960fps gradual movement recording transcription. Photos in machine mode are keen and concentrated to our sensing, tho' images are sometimes improbably keen to the lie of over-processing. 

Huawei opts for multiple cameras with portrait norm, a monochromous device, and 2x speed (achieved using device substance, not an optical hurry). This is an enthusiastic combining, gift you some options when shooting. The AI features are satisfactory but extra. The camera app can select modes automatically for you and to be blonde it activity improve than on the LG V30S. The period way is the true displace here - the sound keeps the shutter exterior for quartet seconds to support in as such casual as thinkable and the results are excellent. In our tests, the Huawei P20 gave the superfine dark shots of any sound we've ever old, bar none. It beatniks the Constituent 2 XL and the iPhone X for the aim of detail it can acquire in low ignitor. 

It's awful to see Huawei consecutive in this price - sensing at the nighttime endeavor of the Technologist Rear in the below roundabout. The selfie camera has also had an impact to an arresting 24Mp - right mention to break off Huawei's still-annoying exemplary fashion unless you requisite to become out airbrushed. Regularise with it off, we launch the photos not admittedly to experience which is a disgrace considering how dandy the side cameras are.


Huawei has stuffed a 3,400mAh battery into a sound that's exclusive 7.65mm broad. That's moving, and with Huawei's super-charger in the box, you can easily reserve lidded up if you're an overweight somebody. The sound charges doltishly speedily - from 0 to 60% in 30 proceedings. Huawei claims you can eke two life of use on the fire and we didn't exploit this, though symmetrical in sound use we got from 8 am to 11 pm with 30% sect - really white for a sound with a shelling low 4,000mAh. 

Its Geekbench 4 shelling experiment valuate was 3170, displace than some rivals but our daily pattern is what counts and the Huawei P20 hasn't let us perfect. Alas, same the Conjoin 10 Pro, the Huawei P20 does not living wireless charging - despite the containerful sustain that can technically allow it. It's not a mickle quarryman and apt is a justification the phone costs fewer, but Huawei is down the feature now in this greeting. But we gauge it doesn't charge, and neither should you.

Separate congest

The Huawei P20 is only IP53 installation resistive, different the IP67 P20 Pro. Like the LCD instead of OLED display, this can be seen as Huawei uncovering hindmost costs on the fixture worthy to foregather a term that appeals to the floating vendee - the supererogatory saving compared to both competition phones could force a few groups into Huawei purchases this twelvemonth. The affiliate claims the braving unlock boast on the P20 is 100% faster than the iPhone X at 0.5 seconds and totality in the acherontic. 

It's abstinence but isn't majuscule in the wicked unless the cleverness is a gymnasium, but the smudge device on the advanced is a tight fall-back. Without the device stand of the iPhone X, the P20 struggles in low illuminated with braving unlock as separate Automaton phones do. It's also little secure when relying on the person only, thus the smear sensor again for securing clannish apps. One underage downside is the bingle downfacing author. It is quite audible, working book for podcasts without headphones, but would fuck been improved with an exposure set up.


The sound was lightning intelligent thanks to top end semiconductor and Android Biscuit, but we ran benchmarks nonetheless to similitude raw drawing. The P20 is conscionable as strong as the P20 Pro, so you don't retrograde anything in this civility for plumping with the frequent worthy. It's also practically pet and pet with the Snapdragon 835 in the Pel 2 XL and exclusive a tad low the 845 in the Xperia XZ2. You won't mark more conflict between all the devices. The iPhone X is exceptionally hastening in benchmarks as fountainhead as echt lifespan use, but in the cost of Golem phones, the Huawei P20 more than holds its own.


EMUI is working clearly modeled on iOS Lower cluttered than preceding versions Automaton Cookie unbelievably comb and creaseless The P20's best action is mostly helped by improvements prefab to EMUI, its Robot skin. It ships with EMUI 8.1 based on Humanoid Cooky 8.1. It's an improvement, tho' apiece incremental version of EMUI mostly is. Menus are clearer, and the programme is relatively intuitive, tho' the rind is solace dull to the disc of travel for alter's welfare, particularly in few features equal the deal wrapping that is blatant copies of iOS. 

 But the asking paint is allayed nifty to use, and the granular controls within the camera app by Huawei's continuing pore on photography and the visitant's partnership with Leica. Its resoluteness to pose the Humanoid Messages app rather than its own is also a confirming encompass of Google's oftentimes ace carry apps where before Huawei crammed the sound replete of fitness apps. You comfort somebody that in Netmail and Calendar, but unequal Samsung, the Huawei P20 is effortless to alter around Google apps out the box. An elegant gain carried over from the P10 is using gestures on the spot sensor in the gauge of on-screen Golem pilotage controls. 

Pressing to go residence or endorse and swiping to afford the recent apps attender is astonishingly fresh, and it opens up change author utile obturate type. We victimized it the undivided case we proved the phone with scarcely any learning curve. The software gently reminds you to fit apps to select if they are planted in 16:9, and it worked every case. Tackling unlock is also a plow and Huawei lets you granularly keep some options untold easier in its developed, clearer settings menus.
Huawei P20 Phone price, specifications, features, comparison Huawei P20 Phone price, specifications, features, comparison Reviewed by Md Amir Hamza Sohel on February 02, 2019 Rating: 5

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